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The Josiah Loomis House

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On March 3, 1832, Josiah Loomis bought a piece of land on the west side of "the road" from Cyprian Branch, for $100.00. The "road" referred to, between 1800 and 1820, had been known as the "#10 Massachusetts Turnpike," the main tollroad linking Albany and Hartford.

According to records in the Registry of Deeds in Pittsfield, Loomis had been accumulating land in Richmond for some time, and continued to do so until his death, in 1887. This parcel is the only one in which the deed refers to "the buildings thereon." The description of the land fits the present parcel.

On October 5, 1887, Josiah's widow, Margaret, and his sons, Frank and Josiah, sold the parcel to William Penny for $200.00. He, in turn, sold it to Blanche C. Conant on July 18, 1892 for $700.00. That's 350% in only five years!!! And on it goes.

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The Josiah Loomis House is located at the end of a dead-end street in Richmond, MA., near the intersection of Swamp Road and Summit Road. It has a large living area with three bedrooms and two baths, cozy loft sitting area, dining room, large kitchen with dishwasher and heated porch. There is a detached one-car garage.
The house is beautifully furnished with a mix of antiques and finely crafted reproductions. The entire area between the house and the road is a very old stone patio. There is another, matching, but slightly smaller, stone patio in back.
The house is surrounded by spacious lawns and gardens and a wooded area extending for about half a mile on the north and west.


The Josiah Loomis House is available for rental during the summer and winter seasons.

Winter Season is defined as from December 15th, or the opening of Bousquet's Ski Area, whichever is earlier, to March 15th, or the closing of Bousquet's, whichever is later.
Summer is essentially July and August, but may be extended at either end.

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